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Scott Leysath


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  No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “Never visit the sausage factory.” Of course, that’s because most folks just don’t want to see what goes into making sausage. We’ve all heard tales of lips, ears, glands and all things gristly that, once passed through a meat grinder, get crammed into a casing and loaded into […]

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Nikki Boxler

Venison Jerky Made Quick

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I used to make jerky using a dehydrator, but I got a Traeger grill this past year and have used it to make various recipes including jerky. Needless to say, I will never make jerky any other way. The Traeger Grill has a smoke setting so you can set it and forget it. Here is […]

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Infected Venison meat
Grant Woods

When to Pass on Venison

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My family and I eat a lot of venison each year. In fact, we rarely purchase red meat at the grocery store. Free-ranging wild venison is lean, artificial hormone free, and tasty! Wild deer are amazing healthy critters! One of the reasons they stay so healthy is that they are very selective feeders. The next […]

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