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Varmint Calibers


Wintertime is the time for predator hunters looking to cash in on quality pelts. As more sportsmen take to the snowy woods and plains with firearms rather than traps, there is often a lot of debate over which calibers are best for the plentiful canines. For newcomers—and there a lot of them as predator hunting […]

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Varmint X
Live the Legend

Varmint X: An Option for Every Predator

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It may have a coyote on the packaging, but don’t be fooled, Varmint X brand ammunition by Winchester has a load for every type of varmint including prairie dogs, bobcats, foxes, groundhogs and more. Following are the lines offerings made to cover every type of predator. .204 Ruger — The .204 Ruger is a smooth-shooting, […]

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