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Nikki Boxler

Tips for Finding More Bone This Spring

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Begin Where Deer Are I know this sounds obvious, but in my early days I would get easily side tracked and end up walking down countless trails. Now I begin where I know the deer hang out. Food sources and bedding areas. Food is typically limited during winter months; therefore, deer will spend a lot […]

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Melissa Bachman

Tips to Finding More Sheds This Spring

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  It’s a game of hide and seek for them, start them off as a puppy and reward them heavily for finding the shed and you’ve got a great start.  There are many trainers who are also offering training to create excellent shed dogs.  If you think about it, dogs can cover a lot of […]

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Grant Woods

Timing of Antler Shedding by Grant Woods

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Antlers shed due to a decrease in testosterone and the impact this has on the special cells that bind antlers to the buck’s pedicles. It’s important to note that increasing day length only allows the testosterone level in bucks to change. It isn’t the sole cause. If the bucks are healthy, they often retain a […]

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