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Nikki Boxler

Tips for Finding More Bone This Spring

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It is that time of year when the snow is melting and we are keeping an eye on our trail cameras to know when antler begin to drop. I look forward to the nice sunny days when I am able to walk through the woods in pursuit of finding sheds. I do not have a […]

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Melissa Bachman

Tips to Finding More Sheds This Spring

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After a long, cold Minnesota winter the thought of all the snow melting and getting outside to look for sheds always gets me excited for spring!  I would love to tell you that this year will be amazing as little Miss Pork Chop and I are teaming up to look for sheds, but her flat […]

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Grant Woods

Timing of Antler Shedding

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The timing of antler shedding is determined by changes in hormones, primarily a reduction in testosterone, normally triggered by increasing day length. However, injury or other factors that impact testosterone levels can affect the timing of antler shedding for individual bucks. The amount of daylight begins increasing December 22nd each year. This triggers the potential for […]

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