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Melissa Bachman

.17 Winchester Super Mag – A Revolutionary Rimfire Cartridge


The new .17 Winchester Super Mag blows away traditional rimfire ammunition. It is the most accurate, flattest shooting rimfire ever developed, and it delivers less wind-drift than standard rimfire products. Perfect for coyote and varmint hunting, the .17 Super Mag is the fastest rimfire out there traveling at 3,000 fps. Check out this video to […]

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predator hunting
Melissa Bachman

Predator Hunting Gear and Tips


Growing up in central Minnesota, hunting fox and coyotes during the winter was a common occurrence in our family. My dad would take my brother and me out hunting with him throughout the winter months. Our legs were too short to keep up, so he would pull us in a sled behind him as he […]

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17 Winchester Super Magnum
Live the Legend

.17 Winchester Super Mag By The Numbers

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American Rifleman Managing Editor Aaron Carter was one of the first sportsmen in America to get a crack at Winchester’s headline making introduction of the .17 Winchester Super Magnum earlier this year. Carter hit the range and offered up the following comparisons to the new round, and other top rimfire and varmint loads. He writes: […]

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