November 2017

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Scott Leysath

Chunky Chili…Mmmm Good!

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If I had a dollar for each time someone told me that they didn’t really care for venison, but they have had some “OK” venison chili, I’d have, well, more money than I have right now. Even if the meat hasn’t been handled properly, maybe it has a little extra gaminess to it, you can […]

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Live the Legend

Improve Your Handgun Skills in Your Home

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Any time we have firearms around, safety is the paramount concern. To ensure the safest environment possible, develop a process you follow each time before practice so that safety becomes an observed routine. First, unload and ensure the gun is empty of any live ammunition in one room. All ammunition must be stored in the […]

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Ron Spomer

Understanding Bullet BC (Ballistic Coefficient)

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BC is a numeric designation for a projectile’s ability to resist air drag. The better it does this, the faster it flies down range, the less it drops, the less it drifts in the wind and the more energy it delivers. BC takes into account bullet weight, diameter and shape or form. The higher the […]

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