July 2017

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Scott Leysath

Keeping it Simple – Caveman Fare by Scott Leysath

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Nothing added to disguise the taste of properly cooked game. But if you insist on cooking your venison beyond 140 degrees, I’ll accept no responsibility for how it tastes when it comes off the grill. Keep in mind that you can always slap the meat back on the grill, but it’s impossible to un-cook it. […]

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Melissa Bachman

Yum! Bacon-Fried Squirrel by Melissa Bachman

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He is truly one of the best chefs I’ve ever met and is an expert in cooking various wild game. He has tons of great recipes for all your common big game, but I really love going through some of his recipes for things you may not eat everyday. With the addition of Pork Chop, […]

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