About Scott Leysath

Chef Leysath has spent a lifetime developing his brand of fish and game cooking. He launched his TV career in 1999 as the Executive Chef on HGTV’s “Home Grown Cooking with Paul James.” His TV shows on Sportsman Channel include the original “Sporting Chef” show, “HuntFishCook” and “Dead Meat”. January 2014 marked the revival of “The Sporting Chef” show that has been called “The Fastest Half-Hour on Outdoor Television”.

He’s an avid hunter and angler who has developed a cult-like following over three decades of recipes, public appearances, cooking columns, cookbooks and TV shows. His popular cookbook, “The Sporting Chef’s Better Venison Recipes,” reflects his passion for making the best of your harvested game using straightforward, uncomplicated recipes. If you are not part of the world of outdoor enthusiasts, he might possibly be the best chef you’ve never heard of. To those who hunt and fish, he’s “The Sporting Chef.”

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