About Live the Legend

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Winchester Ammunition…The American Legend. Since 1886, Winchester has been there – the taming of the American West, the Allied Forces’ victory in World War II, and right alongside you at the ranges, and in the forests and fields that surround all of us in our great outdoors.

The global leader in sporting, law enforcement, military, and personal defense ammunition production has now developed and released the Live The Legend blog. Winchester’s Live The Legend blog will provide an in-depth and fast-moving look into the life of one of America’s most trusted and well-respected brands.

We’ll showcase information on many of our product mainstays, but also provide a glimpse into some of our latest technologies like the .17 Winchester Super Magnum and the award-winning AA TrAAcker load – recently voted and received the 2103 ‘Best of the Best Award’ from Field & Stream magazine. You’ll read about upcoming events, promotions, and may even experience  some ‘behind the scenes’ Winchester-style.

Winchester’s Live The Legend blog will be online every Monday, and packed with many tactics and tidbits to make your next shooting and hunting experience more rewarding. Look to the American Legend next time you need information on safety tips and rules, our entire product line, and choosing the right ammo for the game at hand.

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