Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hunter in Your Life

Nikki Boxler |

Shooting sticks- Very rarely will you ever see me head to the woods without my bipod shooting sticks. They are quick and simple to set up, and they also provide the stability that’s needed to make that perfect shot.

Caldwell DeadShot Field Pod- If you have never seen or used this product, I would highly recommend it. It is wonderful especially for new hunters and those who hunt from a ground blind. I used the field pod for the very first deer I ever shot on camera. The field pod allows you to have your gun set up and ready to go, causing you to move less. You just aim and squeeze.

Winchester Long Beard XR- Turkey season is right around the corner, so why not get the most out of your gun by choosing the right ammunition. With Winchester Longbeard XR I have rolled turkeys at 62 yards. After seeing how it performs I simply don’t trust any other ammunition while turkey hunting. You will be blown away at the patterns, the ShotLok technology keeps the pellets together longer offering you incredible groups.

Knives – Every outdoorsman can use a quality folding knife. Carry it on a belt or put it into a pack – a knife could be the single most important tool you as a hunter have on any outing.

Winchester Safes – Although this is not an easy gift to hide, it’s a must for any firearm owner. Winchester Safes offer protection for your firearms from theft, fire, and unwanted access. It is especially important if you have young children or other people in the household. 

Binocular harness: A binocular harness is worth its weight in gold. I learned this the hard way when I headed out west on a spot and stalk elk hunt without one. Not only does a harness keep your optics protected and ready at all times, but prevents you from having to hang them around your neck, keeping your neck pain free.

Life Line- Treestand safety is incredibly important. The lifeline is designed to keep you connected from the moment you leave the ground until the moment you return. We all know there is nothing more important than keeping loved ones safe. They also have a tandem version in case you and your Valentine happen to hunt the same stand. As another added bonus, they also have reflective lifelines making it easier for you to find your stand in the dark.

Photo book or canvas print- Hunting isn’t about the trophy, it’s about memories and experiences. Holidays are a great time to take those photos and create a hard copy. Leave the photo book on your coffee table or hang the canvas on the wall where friends and family can see. Not only is it a great conversation piece but it also lets you relive those moments.

Memory card reader- Sick of losing memory cards? I got a Stealth memory card reader this past year and it has helped me to check trail camera photos while in the field and has prevented me from losing countless memory cards. Simply insert your memory card into the reader and you can instantly view the photos on your phone. They are available for both Android and iPhone devices. 

Gloves- Just like socks, I have a tendency to lose gloves often and am always trying to find a matching pair. If your significant other is anything like myself having extra thick and thin gloves is a must. Why two pairs you might ask? I like to wear my thick gloves while walking in and getting set up. Once setup, I wear a lighter glove on my shooting hand and will occasionally put on my thicker gloves back on if my hands get chilly. 

What do you plan on giving your Valentine this year? Let me know in the comments, as I am always looking for unique, useful gift ideas!