A Most Lethal Load for Predators – Winchester Varmint X

Melissa Bachman |

A couple years ago Winchester announced Varmint X which was a line of ammo specifically created for predator hunting. The engineers took into consideration everything varmint hunters wanted in a round and created the perfect solution.

I have a Winchester Model 70 Coyote Light in a .22-250 setup topped with a Swarovski Optik Z6i scope and a Silent Legion Suppressor using Varmint X 55-grain ammunition. This combination is truly deadly in the field – every detail has been thought out. The sleek polymer tipped bullets are extremely explosive on impact giving the hunter incredible knockdown power.

Next, precision and accuracy are essential. Varmint X nails this with the incredible long-range performance that comes from its Polymer Tip. The thin alloy jacket with engineered sidewall profile helps with explosive fragmentation. To, the lead core has been designed for rapid fragmentation on small game with minimal pelt damage so you can make the most on your furs.

The number of predator hunters is constantly increasing as coyotes and other varmints are becoming more and more prevalent across the country. The other good news is fur prices seem to be climbing back up so this should help get even more new hunters interested and out chasing varmints. Not only can varmint hunting be incredibly fun, it’s also good to keep the predators in check and help not only ranchers and farmers but fawn populations as well.

Do your part and spend a little time chasing predators this winter. If you already love it, take a couple newbies along and show them the ropes to help promote the importance of this fun and growing segment of the hunting world.

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