Winchester Long Beard XR Ammunition – a Most Deadly and Lethal Round

Nikki Boxler |

Tom turkey is fun to hunt, but is a pretty big bird that needs an accurate and deadly load to bring him down. Winchester’s Long Beard XR turkey ammunition delivers a tighter pattern downrange for maximum lethality. Here’s why: the key feature behind Long Beard XR’s long-range capability is the shell’s Shot-Lok technology. Instead of traditional buffering materials, Shot-Lok is injected as a liquid resin into the hull among the lead shot during assembly. The resin hardens to keep pellets locked in place until the round is fired. When fired, Shot-Lok immediately fractures into a micro-buffer that protects the shot deformation caused by set-back forces. This ensures the shot exits the muzzle nearly perfect every time, and with every round. This provides a tighter and more uniform pattern at extended ranges.

A little technical you say – well then come along on this video with Winchester Life co-host Nikki Boxler to learn more. 

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