Tips for Sighting in Your Turkey Gun by Nikki Boxler

Nikki Boxler |

As you can see, I have really good patterns at both 30 and 40 yards. I find that I am a little high and to the right at 30, but dead-on at 40 yards. So, the time I spent (even though it is frigid where I live) shooting the gun has taught me some things about the load and choke combination fired out of my SX-3. While I don’t like to shoot beyond 50 yards, I now have a great deal of confidence really anywhere from 40 yards in.

I’ll also compare what I have learned shooting this past weekend with what I find online on the Winchester Ballistic Calculator. Anyway, come along on this video blog with me and find out what the pattern looks like at 30 and 40 yards – pretty impressive.