Tips for Hunting From a Ground Blind by Melissa Bachman

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  1. Get the blind out early: if possible, put the blind out at least a month ahead of time if your schedule and hunting property allows. I don’t always have this luxury but if hunting somewhere that this is possible, take the time to get the blind out early.
  2. Brush it in: once the blind is all setup and properly secured down, use the natural brush around to blend it in. Most blinds come with loops so you can secure grass, branches, etc directly to the blind. Don’t forget to also brush in the top of the blind. Too, always go inside to ensure the brush doesn’t spill into windows too much making it difficult to shoot.
  3. Prep the Ground: I always like to clean out any leaves or noisy grass from the inside of my blind. This helps keep noise to a minimum and allows for movement around if needed inside the blind when animals are close.
  4. Spray down: the blind and chairs are sure to have a wide variety of scents on them so once everything is setup get a bottle of Scent Killer out and spray everything down. This will help deer get used to the blind much quicker.
  5. Use a Decoy: it’s a huge asset to pull a deer’s attention away from the blind and onto something else that does not startle it. Whitetail deer are especially attentive to any changes in their habitat, but you’ll be amazed at how many deer will completely disregard a brand new blind if a decoy is setup in front. This works best during the pre-rut and rut, but is something I like to do if I have to setup my blind during the same week I plan on hunting it.
  6. Use shooting sticks: if you’re hunting with a rifle, I highly recommend using a Bog Pod in the blind to ensure a nice and steady rest. Most soft-sided blinds are difficult to get a good rest in the windows, so having a set of sticks handy can be very helpful.
  7. Good Ammo: when hunting deer from a ground blind, one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to find and use the best ammo possible. Winchester came out with the Deer Season XP which is made specifically for taking down deer quickly and efficiently. They created a bigger tip which gives you a bigger impact and knocks deer down right in their tracks. Give it a try – it’s good stuff.

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