The Shooting and Hunting Sports See a Surge in Female and Youth Participation

Becky Yackley |

Sometimes women do this alone. Sometimes as part of a team. But strong women work. Strong women take responsibility for family safety, for putting food on the table. Strong women go hunting with their husbands and sons. Strong women own guns and enjoy trap shooting and turkey hunting. It’s as American as baking an apple pie – and they can do that too!

Taking a class so we can teach our children firearms safety, or taking kids hunting is one way we can be part of steering our families on a safe and educated path in life with regards to firearms and personal safety.

Being familiar with firearms also dispels the idea that women need men to show them how to clean and take care of guns. It also teaches our children that women and girls can be just as proficient with firearms as men and boys, and that we should teach all our youth about firearms and the heritage surrounding them in American history.

There’s a great quote from Annie Oakley that hits on just how normal it should be for women to embrace guns: “I would like to see every woman know how to handle guns as naturally as they know how to handle babies.” – Annie Oakley

Her words say it well; that we should regard women handling firearms as natural, and to be natural with them. We have to share our love of firearms with girls and teach our youth that mother, sister, and grandmother can and should shoot guns too! We should foster that practice so they grow into the kind of women who aren’t afraid to naturally love the tools that have helped make America great!