Spruce up Your Home With Some Wild Turkey Decor

Nikki Boxler |

Quick and Easy Rustic Turkey Wreath

Did you have a successful turkey season? Then save those turkey feathers and use them to spruce up your home with this quick and easy-to-make rustic turkey feather wreath!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • burlap ribbon 
  • turkey feathers
  • craft wire 
  • twigs 
  • grape vine wreath

Step 1: Begin by tying the burlap ribbon into a bow; use the craft wire to tighten the bow and then fix the loops to your liking. 

Step 2: Take the twigs and feathers and place their ends together – secure with electrical tape. When doing this, you’ll want to arrange the feathers behind the twigs to prevent any unwanted bumps in your feathers.

Step 3: Using the wire, secure the feathers to the bow, and then secure the bow to the wreath

Step 4: Hang the wreath and enjoy!

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