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All cost hundreds if not thousands to buy. They make sure they have the best clothes and boots to keep them concealed and protected from the elements. Again, more hundreds of dollars are spent. Other gear such as binoculars, rangefinders, shooting sticks or bipods and more are not only essential gear on such a trip, but again, just edge the cost of such a trip higher.

So why is it some sportsmen still go with the cheapest priced ammunition on the shelf? All ammo is not created equal and if the culmination of your hunt comes down to making sure your shot flies accurately and anchors game upon impact, it stands to reason that you probably want the best ammunition money can buy. Fortunately, Winchester has created ammunition that not only offers best-in-class performance, but is also priced right and packaged to make selecting the right load easy.

Winchester has always been about making informed decisions easier for the discerning sportsmen who use their products. On the big game front, this corporate philosophy took a big step forward in 2016 with the introduction of Expedition Big Game ammunition. The line features proven Accubond CT bullets, one of the most accurate and devastating bullets for animals with tough hide and thick bone. Each bullet combines a polymer tip, bonded lead core and Lubalox coating to deliver controlled expansion and deep penetration for serious knockdown assurance regardless of whether game is at close distance or long range. The Lubalox coating helps reduce barrel fouling and aids in smoother travel down barrels for increased velocity with every shot.

As many sportsmen work to improve their marksmanship and with that, the confidence to take shots a little farther out than usual, new for 2017, Expedition Big Game Long Range makes the ease of selecting the right ammunition a reality for hunters anticipating long-range shots in challenging hunt environments. Nosler’s Accubond CT LR bullet construction is found in all Expedition Big Game Long Range loads.

The tapered bullet design and polymer tip resists wind drift during long-range shots, while the bullet weights are optimized for each caliber in order to get the most long-range accuracy out of the load. Expedition Big Game Long-Range is offered in a 190-grain .300 Win. Mag., a 190-grain .300 WSM, a 190-grain .30-06 Sprg, a 168-grain 7mm Rem. Mag., a 150-grain .270 Win and a 142-grain 6.5 Creedmoor.

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