How Summers Clays Will Help You Become a Better Shooter in the Fall

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Clay targets can be done by going to your local range, but there are also many throwers you can purchase if you have property where you can legally and safely shoot. Growing up, ,my parents always kept a clay thrower bolted to a big stump – this is what we’ve always used. It’s nothing fancy, but it works. The results, both good and bad, are almost immediate.

Another suggestion I like to tell people is to try shooting with bulky clothes on if you plan on hunting in cold weather. It’s important to get used to shooting with the amount of layers you’ll be hunting with so you have no surprises when in the field.

I like to shoot Winchester TrAAcker for numerous reasons on clay targets. First, you can really speed up the learning curve of getting back into shooting because you can see why you’re missing. AA TrAAcker has been designed with a wad that follows the shot string and is strategically colored for best visibility for both clear and cloudy days. Your eyes get used to watching for the wad which keeps your focus out ahead and not on your bead. This will improve your shooting. After a few shots you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re shooting so you can correct your mistakes. This is also great if you are getting kids or new shooters involved because you can stand back and watch their shots as well. It also makes it more exciting to try and watch for the wad and let them tell you where they hit the clay. It won’t take long and soon they’ll be developing sound and repetitive muscle memory and good mental picture of what needs to happen all on their own. This helps keep bad habits from forming and also diminishes some of the frustration of just a plain miss. Each missed shot now becomes a learning experience.

Ultimately just like anything, practice makes perfect so get out there and ensure you’re shooting as much as possible before the season to help improve your ability. With the addition of AA TrAAcker to your setup, you can make the best use out of your practice time and get the most bang for your buck.

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