Easy-to-Make (Left-Overs) Goodies for New Year’s Day

Scott Leysath |

Anything marinated and wrapped with jalapeno, cheese and bacon is going to be the first to go at the party. And, really, what’s not to like? Best of all, you can put anything inside and it’ll pretty much taste the same. You know those snow geese your friends say they don’t like? Well, I once had someone tell me that snow goose is their absolute favorite waterfowl. It’s been my experience that most folks who claim that snow geese aren’t fit to eat haven’t actually tried one. They just heard that they taste nasty. So, this guy who loves snow goose told me how he cuts snow goose breasts into little strips, marinates it for 48 hours and then does the cream cheese/jalapeno/bacon wrap deal. I’m sure it’s delicious, but I’m also sure that you could do the same thing with armadillo and it’ll taste like teriyaki, jalapeno, cream cheese and bacon, but not armadillo, which could be a good thing. If you want to make friends at a party, make poppers.

Tacos, enchiladas and nachos are ideal for getting rid of, er…I mean, making good use of…a variety of leftovers. Chop up a bunch of meat, season with salsa and either wrap it, stuff it or pile it onto some form of corn or flour tortilla. Create a taco bar loaded with seasoned meats, salsa, cheese and avocado. Make enchiladas out of leftover venison, refried beans and sauce. Top with some shredded cheese, bake it for 15 minutes and put a dollop of sour cream on top after it’s all hot and bubbly. I promise, they’ll disappear.

Soups and stews make anything edible go away. Take a look in the vegetable drawer at the odds and ends of celery stalks, winter squash, onions and anything else that hasn’t gone south. Load them into a pot with a little butter and cook until the onions are just a tad translucent. Add a pile of chopped up game meat and cover with beef or chicken broth. If you like it tomatoey, add a can of diced tomatoes and a little tomato paste. Cut leftover bread into cubes, toss with olive oil and lightly toast them in the oven to serve atop the soup. The challenge is to not make 5 gallons of soup that you’ll end up getting tired of by the end of the week. Make just enough to get you through the day.

VIDEO – From The Sporting Chef TV show. I make a few things out of leftover fish and game. The 2018 season of the show kicks off Sunday, January 7th!