Should You Use A Deer Decoy?

Grant Woods |


I like to place a receptive doe decoy in travel corridors or areas where bucks expect to encounter receptive does during the peak of the rut. I place the decoy upwind of my stand and in a position so that when the buck approaches her tail he’s in shooting position. Just as importantly, I place the decoy where it’s very visible. Decoys can attract bucks from long distances, but only if bucks can see them.

I’m also careful to remove as much odor from the decoy as possible since most bucks will approach the decoy from downwind.

Buck decoys certainly work during the right conditions. However, I believe a doe decoy in a receptive posture attracts bucks in an even broader set of conditions. I want the maximum opportunity to tag a buck. That’s why I’m more likely to place a receptive doe decoy near my stand this time of year than a buck decoy.

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Dr. Grant Woods was raised and began his love of white-tailed deer as a bow hunter in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.