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This year I got a call from a great organization in my home state of Minnesota called Wishes & More. They had a young girl, Kelly, who’s wish was to go hunting with me at one of my favorite whitetail destinations in the country, Golden Triangle Whitetail. Kelly has been a hunter her entire life, and even recently won a new gun in Varmint Hunter’s Magazine for her incredible 1,000+ yard shot on a prairie dog! She has also taken some rabbits, and hopefully with a little luck, a nice Illinois buck will be next.

Karla, the president of Wishes & More explained that Kelly wakes up every week to watch Winchester Deadly Passion with her dad, and would love a chance to go hunting together.  Immediately Karla and I started making this wish into a reality. Last weekend, Wishes & More held their Winter Ball in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kelly had no idea her wish was going to come true. In fact, she was asked to be a greeter and co-host on stage, but the video clip shows Kelly’s big surprise.

I can’t wait until this fall when Kelly and I get to travel to Illinois for the youth gun season where I’ll be filming her for an upcoming episode of Winchester Deadly Passion. This is going to make an incredible show, and hopefully grow into a life long friendship between fellow small town Minnesota girls.

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  1. Debbie Newell says: |

    I want to thank you for being the inspirational woman that you are! My daughters a Make A Wish Child and I couldn’t ever be thankful enough for what the team and yourself do for these young children! Having a dream fulfilled for a day or a week will continue to live with these children forever in their hearts! The smiles, no Drs. Appt. and no pain for that time is treasured forever! God Bless You and Bless This Little Girl that had the time of her life with you!!!

  2. Alwyn Ladell says: |

    You know how it is when a friend suggests you follow a link and, when you see a page full of words or a movie clip that is measured in minutes rather than seconds, your heart sinks ever so slightly? I have to admit when I saw 6:33, on this clip, I felt I’d be watching it more out of duty than choice. How wrong I was. I take a pride in not allowing my heart to overrule my head, and get quite annoyed with some of the emotional claptrap generated by antis; but, this clip quickly became very compelling and, by the end, I was so moved that I was blinking to stop my eyes welling up.

  3. Steve Powers says: |

    Thank you so much Melissa. Unfortunately, I’ve never met Kelly, but I know her dad, Vern, pretty good. I’ve heard, and seen pictures, of most of Kelly’s hunts and shooting feats. To that, I say be ready with that camera!
    One more thing, even though Vern is known to rarely show emotions, I can guarantee that you are also making his wish come true by granting this one for her. Although, this is bittersweet, Wishes and More and you have given their family something very positive.

  4. Mary Kuhl says: |

    Any one who attacks someone else who chooses to hunt within the law is obviously ignorant of gods teaching, DNR standards, animal husbandry, as well as all the ethical reasons why hunting is allowed. From what I’ve learned about Melissa Bachman, her hunting is always lawful and ethical. I thank God that this young girl has her as a role model! You go girls!

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