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Winchester & NWTF: Win a Chance to Turkey Hunt

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  • It was the first company to step up as a Lifetime Million Dollar Sponsor.
  • Winchester was also the primary investor in the construction of the NWTF’s aptly named Winchester Museum—a modern educational facility designed to educate visitors about wild turkey management and hunting.
  • Winchester is also a huge supporter of the NWTF’s Hunting Heritage Banquet program. Each year, more than 2,000 NWTF chapters organize fund raising banquets across the country that deliver auctions, games and raffles, food and a great time. Millions of dollars are raised to benefit wild turkey conservation efforts and hunter support measures through these banquets and Winchester products figure prominently .

Turkey Hunt ContestAn exciting announcement about this year’s NWTF’s fundraising effort is that Winchester is providing 80,000 rounds of their new Long Beard XR ammunition to 800 Hunting Heritage Banquets. Attendees will be given the chance to bid on boxes of the ammo at each event for the chance to win, and at the end of the year, the winners will be entered into a premium grand-prize drawing to take place at the 2015 NWTF Convention and Sport Show. The prize? There will be four, with each sent on an all-inclusive turkey hunt for one of the primary subspecies of wild turkey—Osceola, Eastern, Rio Grande or the Merriam’s.

Through support from companies such as Winchester and the great work of dedicated volunteers across the country, the NWTF has helped conserve 17 million acres of habitat and help bring turkey numbers to more than 7 million birds across North America. As the organization looks to the future, it is refocusing its energies on a new initiative called “Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt.” The goal is to conserve and enhance 4 million acres of turkey habitat and recruit 1.5 million fresh faces into the hunting community through strategic outreach. And you can bet, Winchester will be working with the NWTF on this bold new initiative every step of the way.

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