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Warm Temps in the Late Season

Grant Woods |

My last blog was about the advantages of hunting when temperatures are below normal during the late season. As I write this it’s 50+ degrees at noon. I’ve got a T-shirt on and have been washing my hunting clothes and hanging them outside to dry. It is warm and sunny!

As nice as the temperature is for working outside, it does not make for ideal hunting conditions. Deer, if they are healthy, currently have a heavy fur and lots of body fat. The best way for them to remain cool during the warm conditions is to remain inactive until the temperatures decrease after dark.

warm-temps-in-the-late-seasonThey may also switch from bedding on a south facing slope to a north or east facing slope where the temperatures will be substantially cooler. They may seek green forage (like turnip tops, etc.,) versus grains (like corn or soybean pods) as the grains are very rich in carbohydrates and digesting them will generate body heat.

If you opt to hunt when the temperatures are significantly warmer than normal during the late season pick stands that are close to bedding areas – especially bedding areas that offer shade or other features that make that area cooler than the surrounding areas. If there’s an obvious choice where you hunt, hunt travel routes leading to forage based food sources versus grain.

I like hunting every day I can, but if I have limited days to hunt and can pick days of the week to hunt versus work, I’d rather hunt the days when the weather is colder compared to warmer than normal.

Growing and hunting deer together,

Dr. Grant Woods,

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