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A surge in shooting participation is being fueled by many individuals who have never shot before including women, youth, and a greater number of people from urban areas. Too, gun sales are on the rise. New consumers cite self-defense and home-defense as frequent reasons for first-time gun purchases. Handguns top the list of the type of firearm that these first-time buyers purchase most frequently. With many ammunition choices to be found at the retail counter for these new consumers, Winchester has developed the new W Train and Defend training system that provides the most straight-forward process when choosing training and personal defense rounds.

Should the time come when you have to defend yourself, confident and consistent training will best prepare you to keep the situation under control. Choosing the proper ammunition for your training regime and self-defense needs should be an important part of your planning. W Train and Defend pairs range-ready ‘T’ rounds with threat-stopping technology-driven defend ‘D’ rounds. New shooters are extremely apprehensive about selecting appropriate ammunition rounds for their handgun training and personal-defense needs because there are so many choices in front of them. This new system from Winchester helps to simply that selection process.

The T round offers less recoil for faster and more controlled follow up shots that lead to a fun time on the range and a greater likelihood, especially for new shooters, to come back to practice again and again. The D round was developed to deliver threat-stopping power in a self-defense situation. Law enforcement officers across the country have come to rely on Winchester’s advanced ammunition bonding technology. It features a jacketed hollow point bullet and nickel-plated shellcase – this is the same bonding process used in the D round.

Take a quick look at the video that accompanies this blog for more information on this high-tech and exciting new offering from The American Legend.

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