turkey season

Turkey Season!

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The more mature gobblers then tend to hang out by themselves, while middle aged toms (two and three year olds) often remain in smaller groups of two to four. Yearling toms, also called jakes, often remain in larger groups.

These behaviors are similar to how white-tailed bucks behave during the pre-rut. Toms tend to move a lot and are very responsive during this stage of the turkey breeding cycle. In addition most states don’t open turkey season until this stage of the turkey “pre-rut.”

Unhunted gobblers that are eagerly looking for a hen are often easy to tag. Get your shotgun patterned! The turkey pre rut is a great time to tag a tom!

If you don’t have a chance to hunt the turkey “pre rut,” I’ll write next week about typical gobbler behavior during the peak of turkey breeding season.

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