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Pre-breeding turkeyWhat is the best way to hunt early-season gobblers that are still in winter flocks? Jake decoys – when should you use them and where should you position them? Why should you only use tom and jake decoys at the very end of the season? These topics and many more are addressed in the new Montana Decoy Turkey Decoy Setup Guide found online when you click on the highlighted hyper-link. Turkey hunting professionals outline the phases of the turkey breeding phases and detail how to best hunt tom turkey during each chunk of the season. Both hens and toms act and react differently during the spring and it is paramount to your hunting success that you vary your approach so it is consistent with what birds are doing…and not doing.

For example, it’s critical to only use one jake decoy along with one or multiple hen decoys during the Pre-Breeding phase of the season. Why – because a tom will undoubtedly want to mix it up with a jake who shows interest in a hen during this stage. Place a jake decoy over a belly-down hen and prepare to get busy. Conversely, during the Post-Breeding phase, place a few hen decoys in your spread, but do not use a jake or tom decoy. Why – because toms are still looking for love during this phase and multiple hen decoys will increase his confidence and make him more eager to approach. Too, keep eyes peeled this time of year because a tom can slip in unexpected from practically any direction.

Different hunting conditions and phases of the turkey breeding season call for a different approach from you the hunter. It’s super-important to scout throughout the season so you know what phase birds are in, and them adjust your game accordingly. Pattern your gun with different loads before the season kicks off, and make certain to be flexible during the entire season. Odds are that you will become a more seasoned and savvy gobbler hunter when you play by the rules that wild turkey put into play.

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