Long Range Shooting and Ballistic Turrets

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 It’s extremely easy to use and can be downloaded right to your smart phone. Choose your ammo, conditions, and get immediate ballistics info and data right at your fingertips.
Once you understand and know this information, your next step may be to dial in your scope to various ranges. My bow has a tape that gives me every distance from 20-80 yards. You put in the time at the practice range, and when the shot comes you range, dial, and shoot. The same can be done with your guns as well. 
I rely on Swarovski scopes and have become a huge fan of the Ballistic Turrets. They have two main types to choose from. You can get the ballistic turret scope where you will have colored dots that you manually set to each desired distance, or you can havBallistic Calculatore a custom ballistic turret created to your specific caliber and load. To get this created you turn in all your ballistic information and only need to sight the gun in once. After all the adjustments have already been calculated and no additional sight in will be necessary. Of course, if you’re going to be taking long shots you want to practice at all the distances but at least you know your gun will be on.If you decide to go with a ballistic turret that you manually dial in, simply start by sighting in your rifle like any other gun. Once it’s set for your desired sight in distance you would drop the first ring in place. Now you need to find out what the drop is going to be for your next distance. Let’s say you’re sighting in your .300 Win. Mag and it’s sighted in at 200-yards. For your 300-yard dot you can simply look at your Winchester Ballistics Calculator and see that when shooting a 180-grain Ballistic Silvertip the drop at 300 yards will be 6.7 inches with that specific setup. Now, adjust the scope accordingly. Drop the next ring with the dot in this place and shoot to ensure it’s on. This can really speed up your entire sight in process allowing you more time to shoot, practice, and prepare for the upcoming season. You can continue doing this same process for each distance so you’ll be all set in the field for quick adjustments on the fly. 
One thing to note is if you don’t have a scope with a ballistic turret that can be dialed in ahead of time, another option is to print the statistics chart from the Winchester Ballistics App and literally tape it right on the side of your stalk. This way you have a quick reference for drop or wind drift in the field and can make better and more accurate shots quicker without a lot of math or thinking on the fly.


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