squirrel hunting

Squirrel Hunting

Grant Woods |

Have you ever been squirrel hunting? If you haven’t, you are missing a great opportunity for hunting fun during the summer!

Seeing squirrels on the lawn is like seeing deer in a city park. They are so conditioned to humans they rarely seek cover when we approach.  However, hunting squirrels in the “wild” is a totally different story.

There seems to be squirrel sentinels that alert all squirrels and other critters that a predator is near. The challenge is increased because with all the summer foliage the squirrels are hard to see. They are often eating maple seeds or soft fruit (grapes, etc.) high in trees. This makes finding them and an open/safe shot very difficult.

One of the best things about squirrel hunting is taking a new hunter.  Unlike deer hunting, squirrel hunters aren’t worried about their scent and often have several shot opportunities during each hunt.

The combination of good odds for success and the hunting skills that can be taught, makes squirrel hunting a great way to introduce folks to the outdoors and teach them skills that will make them better at any game they hunt. Younger hunters enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the opportunity to shoot a gun with very minimal recoil. It’s also a great time to lay the foundation on subjects related to ethical hunting and gun/hunter safety.

This summer take someone squirrel hunting!

Enjoying the outdoors together,


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