SHOT Show Day 4: 17 Win Super Mag

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3 Responses to “SHOT Show Day 4: 17 Win Super Mag”

  1. Terry L. Gropp says: |

    No sound

  2. gary branch says: |

    purchased a .17 savage b-m4ag, now cant find ammo. same thing when I purchased a savage 17hmr. think Winchester and savage should worked together better before introducing this combo! now trying to get rid of this b-mag. will not do this again! “been suckered”

  3. Rickey McConal says: |

    Ditto! My “B-Mag” is 3 months old and never been fired/loaded. Ghost ammo… Supposedly Academy, Gander Mountain, other Local gun shops carry it….but “NEVER” have it. Online suppliers like Midway, Natchez, MidSouth…etc same story.

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