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Win3Gun_Image1For the shotgun gallery where birdshot will be fired, arrange six to 10 steel silhouette poppers that fall backward upon impact in a staggered line. Targets should be set 10 to 40 yards away. Set a couple targets a few feet behind others to allow for the possibility of one shot taking down two targets at once. Other fun target options are setting clays on the ground, among tree limbs or on clay hangers.

For the rifle range, targets can be set as close as 10 yards or as far out as 600, though for most practical shooting and the fact that most people won’t have that much space, 50 to 100 yards is more than fine. Splatter targets that easily reveal they have been shot are ideal as are metal gongs, poppers or silhouettes.

For the pistol portion, targets are typically set between several yards out to as far as 30 yards. Ideally, target should be set at between 5 and 15 to meet most shooter’s capabilities. Again, poppers are ideal, with at least five to eight of them staggered in an arrangement from the shooter. Reactive targets including spinner and wobble targets that roll or bounce across the ground as they shoot can also up the challenge and offer unique shot presentations.

Whether you are serious about competing at a local or regional level or simply want to have fun with friends, Winchester is again revolutionizing the ease with which consumers can select the ammunition with the introduction of a special line of 3-Gun-dedicated ammo called, Win3Gun. The new line of ammo includes easy-to-recognize packaging with the Win3Gun logo on it and offers pistol ammo in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP; a 55-grain 5.56mm centerfire load; and two 12-gauge shotgun loads, one in No. 7½ and one in harder hitting 00.

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