Predator Calls For Bear

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My favorite ammunition to use for black bear is a .300 Win. Mag Ballistic Silvertip in a 180-grain bullet. You will experience very little drop out to 200-yards, and the 180-grain bullet does the trick on even the biggest black bear.

Now for calling the bear: There are some very simple rules to remember that will ensure the highest rate of success. First, never call to a bear that you have just busted. If you already spooked the bear off he’s already gone – no predator call in the world will bring him back. Next, make sure you are emulating the sound of something that they would naturally go after in that area. Do a little research to find out what kind of animals they may prey upon. Usually I do a lot of my calling in Alaska during the spring on POW Island where there are a lot of sitka fawns dropping that time of year. Lastly, black bear seem to have a very short attention span. Once you get a bear’s attention keep on that call. It may seem like a bit over the top at times, but as you can see in my videos below, the more I called the faster the bear would come. Just in case you have your doubts about how well calling black bear can be, I prepared a short video explaining a few tips and showing just how close you can bring a big boar in.

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