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National Wild Turkey Federation Convention 2014

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NWTF-2 This state-of-the-art turkey load is a reliable long-range load that is a very affordable lead shot option to the high-cost tungsten pellets currently on the market. Years of testing produced a resin solution that is poured into the shot cup before pellets are inserted. When pellets are then poured they migrate through the liquid, and the whole mixture is allowed to harden and cure. The Shot-Lok now completely surrounds the pellets, and the shot column is purged of air. And there you have the next generation of lethal turkey loads that allow more pellets on target at 40, 50 or 60 yards – a prefect solution when tom turkey is hung up outside of your decoy.

NWTF-3The biggest fans of this new load are the Brothers Drury – Mark and Terry. Both stopped by the booth for the first day to sign autographs, see some old friends, and extol the virtues of Longbeard XR. Team Drury can’t say enough about XR, and find it to be an ideal solution for hung-up toms that won’t quite commit to the decoy. Rascall Flatts’ lead singer Gary LeVox, close friends of Mary and Terry, paid a visit and talked a little turkey as well. Also swinging by to say hello was Allen Treadwell. He hosts a couple episodes a year of Winchester Legends and Winchester Rack Masters and is never shy when it comes to professing his spring-fling with old tom turkey. Treadwell grew up hunting wild turkey in Missouri and still chases them to this day.

Another new item to the Winchester family is the Super X3 Cantilever Turkey gun. This is the first ever Winchester semi-auto with a true pistol grip and boasts a cantilever scope base and fully adjustable fiber-optic sight for a true sight line. It features a synthetic stock with a textured gripping surface that is ideal for foul-weather conditions that you will often find in the spring. Top off the Super X3 with an Invector-PlusÔextra-full choke tube for a tight, tom-busting pattern. Add in a few rounds of Longbeard and you might just have the perfect one-two combination for your next trophy tom.

Stop by and see Winchester if you are at NWTF this weekend or online if you could not make the trip. Either way, get ready for another exciting turkey season.

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