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Late Season Predators & Dressing Like An Onion

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coyote huntingBe mobile: try to get permission to hunt different tracts of land. If there are no coyotes in the area, chances are slim that you will be able to call one in. If you do not see any dogs or hear any response after 30 minutes, pack up and head to the next spot.

Go scent-free and put the wind at your face: if you get winded – game over. Coyotes are pretty cagey critters. You may notice that a lot of them try to circle down-wind of your set up. Good camouflage and scent-free products are your friend.

Ammunition: may want to try Winchester’s new 17 Super Magnum. It is a rimfire ammunition that offers the appeal of centerfire ammunition, and is relatively low cost. The 17 travels at 3,000 feet per second and delivers substantial downrange energy. If you’re a centerfire connoisseur, Varmint X is a great choice. It combines legendary excellence, accuracy, and the latest in technology.

Stay warm – dress in layers: a lot of great coyote hunting can occur during the late-season when the search for food and calories intensifies. When hunting in the late-season, make certain to dress like an onion (in layers). The body continuously gives off perspiration so it is critical to transfer that moisture as far away from your skin’s surface as possible. If you are wet from sweat, chances are you will become cold once you become stationery. Conversely…to stay warm, one must stay dry. Three layers are best – place one directly next to your body that is capable of moving perspiration away from the skin. Set sights on Filson’s merino wool long underwear. Next, a heavier fleece bottom and top are a good choice as they absorb and draw sweat away from the body. Last but not least, wear an outer shell to beat back the wind and elements. Take a peek at Browning’s Full Curl offering. Big time tip – wear a hat. Over 90% of the body’s heat (think chimney) goes right out the top of the head. Hold that heat inside, and you’ll do a much better job of keeping yourself warm on that next late-season coyote hunt.

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