Keeping Your Gun Dry In The Elements

Melissa Bachman |

Nothing is easy – I’m usually sitting in rain for days on end and I do clean my gun every night, however, any precautionary steps that can be taken to keep it dry in the field go a long way.

This year was the first year I tried a new raincoat for my gun and scope. It folded up extremely small in my pack, and when the weather got tough I pulled it out and slipped it over my gun. The bottom had an elastic stretch to help get it on and off quickly, and keeps it snug when the winds picked up as well. The idea behind this is to keep everything out of the elements, and more importantly keep the gun’s scope clear for a shot.  I still cleaned my gun each evening in the tent, but keeping it from being soaked all day really does make a big difference. Plus, when you’ve been in heavy rain all day and it’s finally time to make a shot, the last thing you need is to look through your scope and see nothing because it’s covered in rain or snow. Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to find something dry to clean it off. Take take my word for it, this is not a good situation to be in.

Sometimes it’s just a small accessory like this that can be used to help keep your gear in tip-top condition, but it really can make a world of difference. My Winchester Model 70 .300 Win. Mag. does a great job in the elements; but when sitting, I like to protect it just a little more to keep it dry and in ready condition.

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