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Growing up we used simple little orange ear plugs which did the trick, but now there is a huge array of options including some amazing custom setups that are extremely comfortable and actually improve your regular sense of sound, but cut down any high frequency noises before they could potential damage your ears.

Several years ago I switched from using earplugs on the range to muffs, which were easy to throw in my gun case and always, have available. However, it was always difficult to hear people and you were constantly taking them on and off. These can be somewhat unpractical to wear in the field, depending on the person To help combat this issue I decided to try a custom set called Wild Ear Hearing Boosters. Getting them fitted was quick and easy and once they arrived and I gave them a try, the only think I could think is why didn’t I do this earlier? Sure they’re not cheap, but then again who can really put a value on your hearing? It’s a one-time purchase that you can reap the benefits from for years to come.

Hearing_Protection_3I love using them at the range, but they’re also extremely helpful in the field. They are made to wear all day and have held up incredible through the elements. I’ve been using them now for about 3-years and have used them all around the country with nothing but great results. It’s nice to be able to talk to others at the range and yet always be protected. The set that I have actually improves the sounds around me so I can wear them at all times during the hunt – always staying protected. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s tough to remember to put in earplugs when getting ready for a stalk. But these are so comfortable that I forget I am wearing them and can leave them in all day.

They are also great if you’re going to be in a situation with numerous people shooting or may be shooting a lot yourself such as a duck blind, pheasant hunt, or shooting trap. Again they’re very small, comfortable, and easy to take in and out. In the end it doesn’t really matter what type of hearing protection you choose, just find something that works for you and stick with it. All it takes is one shot to cause permanent damage so make sure to take every precaution possible and protect your sense of hearing.

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