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Gobblers Still Seek Hens

Grant Woods |

Depending on where you hunt many of the turkey hens will be bred by mid to late May. Rather than seeking a tom each morning they are now setting on a nest and feeding.

turkey decoySome gobblers are still seeking hens while others have cycled through the breeding phase and are looking to rejoin other toms and form bachelor groups for protection from predators, etc.

These changes in gobbler behavior often require hunters to change tactics to fill their tags.

When gobblers seem to be non-responsive to hen calls, I’ve had success with clucking like a tom. Likewise if most hens I see act like they are nesting I switch from using hen decoys to a lone gobbler decoy. During the late season strutter decoys often attracts toms better than a spread of hen decoys.

Assessing the current behavior of turkeys where you hunt and adjusting strategies accordingly often produces much better results than simply using the same tactics week after week. Maybe it’s time for you to switch your hunting strategy this week!

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