Gobbler Battle Royale

Melissa Bachman |

After spending weeks on end turkey hunting, you’re bound to see some crazy things. An Illinois turkey hunt we got in on a couple gobblers that were completely locked up in an all-out-brawl!  When these two originally came out of the trees I couldn’t quite tell if it was one turkey or two or what was going on. Once we figured out that there were two big gobblers we decided to try and stalk up on them in the middle of the fight. Looking back on it we could have probably sprinted right to them and they probably wouldn’t have noticed but we did our best to stay hidden and stealthy and the fight ended before we could get in range.

The bigger bird who obviously won the fight came back across the field and we were hoping to draw him in, but he apparently was a little wore out from the fight and wouldn’t commit. He would strut from time to time, but just kept on going and disappeared in to the timber. Although I wasn’t able to get a shot on this bird, it was still a pretty amazing experience to watch in the field. I’ve seen trail cam photos with birds fighting, but this was the first time I had seen it live, and it was quite the show!

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