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Finding Sheds 2014

Grant Woods |

I’ve shared about shed hunting during the past two entries for this blog. During those two weeks the weather has been abnormally cold and many areas have received lots of snow. There’s no doubt that deer throughout most of the whitetail’s range are under tremendous stress. Deer will have trouble maintaining their body heat and even finding enough food under the deep snow cover in some areas.

Bucks under stress will shed their antlers earlier than normal. I saw bucks this morning at my place that were still carrying their antlers, but also have trail camera picture of other bucks that have already shed.

During these extreme cold temperatures deer will need lots of quality food to survive. Therefore bucks will be spending lots of time near the best food sources in their home range. I suspect the best shed hunting areas this year will be at or near those food sources that were available during January. As soon as it warms up my wife Tracy, along her dog Crystal and I will be spending time hunting for sheds near the food plots on at our place.

When it warms up, take a walk at and around the best food resources for deer that were available during January where you hunt. Take your daypack as you may need to carry more than the normal amount of sheds home!

Growing and hunting deer together,

Dr. Grant Woods,

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  1. David yonkosky says: |

    I have never found a shed I am always looking on the ground as soon as the snow is gone what am I doing wrong

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