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I was rencently in Columbia, Missouri at the Deer Classic promoting Winchester Deadly Passion. I really enjoy shows and meeting people, but the number of kids who were in attendance at the show was truly amazing. They did a great job not only attracting kids, but also giving them a lot of fun things to do at the show. First, this was a family friendly event and really had something for everyone including shed contests, guess the score contest, big buck contests, best beard contest, and even a sausage-eating contest! Kids were given bows, there was music by Kevin Blake Weldon, and my gator mount was a huge hit with the kids!  The United Bowhunters of Missouri built and gave away nearly 800 bows, there was a 3D target shooting course, and a bounce house to keep everyone busy and having fun.

Missouri Deer ClassicIn my mind, events like this that really help kids become excited about hunting and involved in the outdoors. Missouri does a great job with their youth seasons and their effort to get more kids involved seems to really be working. I brought one of my alligator mounts and the kids had a blast taking pictures, touching the mouth, feeling the teeth and skin, and most importantly learning more about hunting. To top it off the show had gator meat for the kids to try and they were crowded around the TV screen in my booth watching different types of hunts. I took pictures with them, signed autographs, explained the anatomy of a gator, and hopefully inspired a few more kids to try hunting this upcoming season – in the end, that’s my ultimate goal. I want to keep the hunting tradition alive and hopefully get as many new kids involved as possible.

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