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  1. Balance security from unauthorized use with efficient access in an emergency with an easy-to-use, quick-access safe. NEVER leave firearms and ammunition where kids or other unauthorized individuals can access them.
  2. If you only have one firearm staged for defensive use, place it in the location that you’re mostly likely to barricade yourself from an intruder as you contact police.
  3. Periodically run practice drills with your entire family on what to do should someone attempt to enter the home and pose a threat. The best preparedness comes from practice.
  4. To be viable tools for defense, firearms must be stored with ammunition. In an emergency, there may not be time to search through two locations for both a gun and its ammunition.
  5. Ensure that your storage option complies with all state and local requirements.
  6. A great option in the home that can also be used when traveling and staying in a hotel or another person’s home is a portable, quick-access safe that can be attached to something sturdy with a cable lock.

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