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Both are ballistically matched with the same profile and velocity. The FMJ is designed for rapid expansion upon impact. Packaging on the rounds will match making it easy for consumers to buy them as a set. With all of the ammo lining store shelves, it’s part of Winchester’s continuing effort to make ammo selection easier for buyers seeking the perfect round for an intended job, but not sure which ones will work the best.

“Now shooters can buy a training round for the range and have a personal protection JHP that will hit at the same point of impact,” says Mike Stock, centerfire product manager at Winchester. Stock says engineers at the company have made a few tweaks and rigorously tested the new loads to provide the matched ammo. It marks the first time in the 1911’s 100-plus year history that an ammo company has focused on both the firearm make and the caliber to create a defensive round that carries the shooter ballistically from range to end-use performance.

There are few things more American than a .45-caliber 1911, and these new cartridges will be the perfect loads to use in your 1911 no matter where you carry it.

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