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  …shooting and then allows you to compare rounds to find the best fit for an upcoming hunt.  If you know you’re going to be in extremely windy conditions, you can compare rounds side by side to see what is going to work best. It also can be helpful in the field, because it’s right on your phone and can be used as a quick reference on wind and drop if needed. I also really like the data chart that the app provides with all your customized conditions. You can print or screenshot your favorite ammo combinations and quickly see or tape the info to your stock on the bullet trajectory, muzzle velocity, wind drift, and much more.

  1. Maps-

MapsMaps come standard on any iPhone and many hunters are unaware of the capability that this has for them in the field. First, if you’re sitting on stand you can pull up exactly where you are and switch it to Satellite imagery and see everything around you. You can also drop pins to mark stands, cameras, etc so you can find them at a later time. What I like the best is if you’re a person who hunts alone it can be a huge help to let others know where you are in case of an emergency. Once on stand, you can drop a pin and share your location via text message, email, etc. That way if something would happen, people would know where to find you It seems simple but could really make a huge difference. Think about it, how often are you out in the field and there is not a person who would know where to find you? What if something happened? How long would it take for help to arrive? This is an easy solution that could really make a huge difference someday if something were to happen.

  1. ScoutLook-

Scoutlook_WeatherAny hunter knows how important it is to be aware of the weather, not only to prepare for your hunt in advance, but also the day of. The first thing I want to know when I wake up is what direction the wind will be, possible precipitation, and what the high and low temps are for the day One easy way to get this information quickly and easily is by downloading and using ScoutLook weather app on your phone. It was created by hunters for hunters and gives you all the essential information right at your fingertips. It will locate the current weather in your area, give you extended forecast options for both hourly, 7-day and also give you the Solunar information so you will know what the moon is doing along with the sunrise and sunset. As hunters, this is all the essential information right up front. You will also see an option to check out a radar map of your area, as well as a satellite image, scent cone, and set zone.

Over and above your weather essentials, ScoutLook has also created a DeerLog app that has all the weather tools along with an easy to use logging system to keep track of you’re deer. It then captures the weather conditions in real time so you can start establishing deer patterns based on weather.

  1. Shot Simulator-

Shot_Simulator_DeerappWether you’re bored waiting somewhere, or showing a new hunter or young kid the anatomy of an animal, I really like using the shot simulator app. It’s more than just a one dimensional image of a deer’s vitals. What it does is give you a whitetail deer and allow you to change the angles of your shot. You can go up above like you were in a treestand, ground level, and turn the deer broadside, quartering away, whatever you like. Then you can remove one layer at a time exposing the bones, organs, arteries, etc. I believe the better you understand a whitetails anatomy the better off you will be in the field. You can take shots, see what would have been hit and get helpful tracking advice and information for a variety of hits as well.


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