.17 Winchester Super Mag – A Revolutionary Rimfire Cartridge by Melissa Bachman

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10 Responses to “.17 Winchester Super Mag – A Revolutionary Rimfire Cartridge by Melissa Bachman”

  1. Jerrry Dover says: |

    I bought a Savage B Mag 17WSM and am having great difficulty getting ammo for the 17 WSM, I can find a box of the 25 grain tipped occassionally, but the 20 grain HP apparently is not available. My ammo vender also limits purchases of the 17wsm to one box a day when available. What gives?

  2. james l crothers jr says: |

    I can’t seem to find any 17 wsm ammo anywhere, And if I do they want 3x the price,will it soon be more available,or not???

  3. it’s the govt. they want you to spend your money on something that’s useless, like obamacare

  4. You show me some ammo, and I will by your gun!!

  5. lorenzo severance says: |

    I bought a 17 super mag rifle and can’t get ammo. direct me in the right area as to where I can buy some . I didn’t buy this thing just look at it . You have bragged about this for a few years now, so stop playing politics and get me some ammo please . Lorenzo Severance

  6. Larry Friberg says: |

    I bought a 17 -B-mag in 17 Winchester magnum. what good does it do me if I can never find the ammo. ammo was out there before the rifle came out. Its a good way to kill the 17 super mag if no one can get the ammo, I have friend selling the rifles and going back to the 17HMR at least they can shoot there guns. It seem like the 17 super mag was a big hype. This is going to be bad for business. I live in Oregon and no one up here has seen any 17 supe rmag since the rifle was released. what’s up. By the was gun broker is gouging the public for the 17 super mag that are out there for $99 per box of 50 more good advertising for your round. My friend in the state of Arkansas can get some more often that not.

  7. Harold Reome says: |

    My son and I both have new 380 pistols, but no ammo. I have been shooting Winchester for 70 years and now would like to know if you have any 380 ammo? No venders have any. Thank you.

  8. I’m waiting for my third 17 super mag to come back from savage.I have had nothing but trouble with this gun,from misfires to prying out spent cases with a screwdriver because the bolt would not grab them.Savage keeps telling me, “no we’re not having any trouble” with this gun. Bull ! It’s a shame because it is a sweet little round. I can only hope a reliable gun maker will pick up the catriage and straighten this mess out.

    • mike rowlands says: |

      No ammo here in Fla either. I bought 3 boxes a year ago a long time before i bought my 17 wsm. Shame on Winchester and Savage. I will not buy a new gun again.

  9. winchester please make some ammo so i can go and shoot my gun 20 gr. please

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