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Winchester has always delivered dependable, accurate and cutting edge products to shooters around the globe. As a result, it has become a favorite and trusted brand to millions of consumers. It’s a relationship Winchester values and continues to develop, but in this modern age, relationships have taken on new ways of taking place. Key among those changes is the fact that interacting is no longer just in person or over the phone, but much of it occurs in the digital world. Fortunately for Winchester fans, the company has that area covered too.

Social Tools

Social media is one of the key ways through which people communicate these days, and Winchester is there. Today, Winchester can be found on social media favorite Facebook with nearly 85,000 likes where shooters can learn the latest about new products, get tips for improving their shooting and even enter to win cool contests. Winchester is on Twitter, too, with more than 22,000 followers, as well as YouTube, where viewers can watch exclusive videos of Winchester products in action.

Innovative Digital Products

Smartphones have become essential devices in our lives, much like our televisions, computers, cars and refrigerators. Tablets are making a quick follow-up on the digital scene as well. Now, shooters can improve their ballistics knowledge and shooting prowess with their downloadable Ballistics Calculator, one version that can be used on a computer, another available in the Apple App Store and is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s also available for Windows 8 users, one of the only outdoor industry companies to boast an app in the platform.

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Using the Ballistics Calculator, users can compare up to five different Winchester loads. Users can enter variables such as wind speed, temperature, distance and other factors for comparison. The calculator can calculate data for rifle (both centerfire and rimfire), handgun and shotgun loads.

Winchester also helps shooters improve their understanding of ballistics and technical shooting terms with their online Ballistics Glossary.

Other tools and resources abound. Choose Your Ammo is a feature that can be found under each ammunition offering at and allows site visitors to select ammo based on the activity they will be doing, as well as the type of firearm they will be using. The online Learning Center also boasts a host of resources including hunting guides that provide information on what is needed for a particular type of hunting, links to hunting regulations and season info, Material Safety Data Sheets for Winchester ammo and much more.

You can bet we’ll be delivering more great digital resources for hunters and shooters in the future as more and more enthusiasts go online for the vital information they need.

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