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Winchester – Year In Review And Highlights On Innovations

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Few companies across the spectrum of American industry can say they have the impact Winchester does on its market as the company’s innovations actually change the way their consumers—avid shooters and hunters—are able to approach their sport. Let’s take a look at some of the big ones from the past year:

17 Winchester Super Magnum — The outdoor media was abuzz at the start of 2013 as Winchester introduced this lightning fast rimfire round—the world’s fastest rimfire round in history to be precise. Finally, shooters were able to get centerfire-like performance from a rimfire round. The 20-grain 17 Win Super Mag flies at a stunning 3,000 fps and is deadly on smaller varmints at long ranges, while the 25-grain round leaves the barrel at 2,600 fps and is deadly accurate on larger predators up to coyote size. As more rifles are chambered for this caliber and more hunters learn of its performance, popularity is certain to keep climbing.

AA Tracker — A training shotshell that launches a visible wad made to accurately track the flight of shot is what clays and upland shooters received from Winchester this past year and the results have been remarkable. The response to this product was immediate from shooting coaches and enthusiasts looking to improve their shooting ability. In fact, the new AA Tracker load received a Golden Bullseye Award as the 2014 Ammunition Product of the Year as selected by the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine.

Blind Side High Velocity — Since its introduction several years ago, Blind Side has won over countless waterfowlers with its hard-hitting, tight-patterning stacked hexahedron shot as the only shells to use in the goose pit or the duck blind. Winchester expanded the popular lines’ offerings in 2013 with two High Velocity loads that leave the barrel at 1,675 fps, as well as a line for pheasant hunters with 12-gauge, 3-inch and 2 ¾-inch loads.

Razor Boar XT — The popular hog hunting line of ammo saw the introduction of a segmenting slug and 00 buckshot for shotgun hunters, a 225-grain .44 Mag. load for handgun hunters and expanded centefire offerings for the .270, .30-06 and 7.62x39mm.

Varmint X — With the continually soaring popularity of predator hunting, particularly focused on coyotes, Winchester rolled out its Varmint X line of ammunition that boasted a swaged lead core, thin-walled jacket of match-grade copper gilding metal and a hard polymer tip for a bullet design simply deadly on predators.

These are just a few of the key innovations for which Winchester was celebrated in 2013, and you can bet 2014 has a number of additional powerhouse product introductions coming out in the next few weeks. In fact, check back here next week and we’ll touch on some of the big ones.

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