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The Christmas season is a special time for nearly everyone as friends and family take a break from their daily routines to gather and celebrate. Sitting down to share a tasty meal, telling stories by the warmth of a fire and enjoying the laughter and fellowship of people we care about is all part of this special time of year. For many families, this time of year is also an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors together and celebrate our country’s rich sporting traditions.

Hunting seasons are still in full swing in many areas whether it means stalking the big woods for a winter whitetail, wading flooded timber for incoming ducks, sitting a large decoy spread in a cut corn field looking skyward for geese or simply easing along the edge of a woodlot scanning the limbs and trunks for the movement of a bushy-tailed gray squirrel. For other sporting enthusiasts it’s simply a matter of sliding out to the range, whether at a commercial shooting facility several miles away or a short walk from the back porch and across the yard. Regardless of how your family incorporates hunting or shooting into the holiday season, one thing is certain, Winchester will be a part of holiday action just as it has been through much of the second half of America’s history.

Indeed, how many among us, recall that special Christmas as kids when we received our first BB gun or .22 or even our first shotgun or rifle. Whether it is supplying the ammunition that will make up the first shots fired from that special holiday gun, or the gun itself as supplied through their licensees at Winchester guns or Winchester Air Rifles, the big red W is sure to bring a smile on Christmas morning and for many mornings to come as it is toted through field and forest.

The times may have changed to a more technological world than when many of us were younger, but one thing hasn’t, the sheer joy a sporting shotgun or rifle brings when it is pulled from under the tree, along with that brick or box of ammo that means right after breakfast, it’s time to go shooting.

Happy holidays from everyone here at Winchester.

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