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Varmint X: An Option for Every Predator

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It may have a coyote on the packaging, but don’t be fooled, Varmint X brand ammunition by Winchester has a load for every type of varmint including prairie dogs, bobcats, foxes, groundhogs and more. Following are the lines offerings made to cover every type of predator.

.204 Ruger — The .204 Ruger is a smooth-shooting, low-recoiling load that is a true pleasure with which to hunt. Because of its light recoil, it’s an ideal load for women and youth hunters and for marksmen seeking tack-driving performance.

.223 Rem. — With the popularity and versatility of ARs, there are few rounds today more versatile than the .223 Rem. Winchester offers both a lightweight (40-grain) and heavyweight (55-grain) option in this popular chambering suitable for use in bolt guns and semi-autos as much as ARs.

.22-250 Rem. — The 55-grain Varmint X in .22-250 is the flattest shooting .22-caliber bullet in the product line, and is an ideal choice for long-range shooting situations such as with prairie dogs or super wary coyotes. It’s a favorite chambering among knowledgeable predator hunters and Varmint X is quickly becoming a favorite load among this class of experienced sportsman.

.243 Win. — The 58-grain Varmint X is noted as being the biggest, baddest and flattest shooting offering in the line and is perfect for long-range shooting. For those hunters who find the .243 an ideal whitetail gun, the load allows hunters to pull double-duty with their favorite deer rifle, too.

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