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Ron SpomerRon Spomer hosts Winchester World of Whitetail, but takes a backset to no one when it comes to successful predator hunting. Follow Ron at Winchester World of Whitetail or on Facebook.

Predators are becoming more abundant all of the time, and are seen in increasing numbers in suburban locales as society continues to sprawl from cites into more rural and wooded areas. Predators range from fox to bobcat to bear to cougar, but one of America’s darlings is the coyote. Coyote are incredibly fun to hunt, but are exceedingly smart and often times very difficult to coax into range. Spomer shares with us his favorite load to shoot coyote, and a couple tips along the way that will help you become a more proficient predator hunter.

Train to shoot precisely, and from field positions. Use a bipod or tripod from a versatile but steady position such as sitting with your back against a bank, post or bush. From sitting you can spin 180 degrees to cover all angles. Memorize your load’s trajectory and wind deflection. Hunters who shoot smoothly, quickly and with confidence get more game.

_-3994-2Be stealthy. Even though many coyote may respond to your calls from a half mile away, many could be sleeping or hunting within 100 yards. Work into the wind or across it, park well away and out of view from calling positions, walk in quickly but quietly, stay off skylines, wear appropriate camo and move slowly and minimally while on stand.

“My favorite Winchester coyote load is the 55 Ballistic Silvertip in 22-250 Remington. With a ballistic coefficient of .267 and muzzle velocity of 3,680 fps, this bullet resists wind deflection surprisingly well and shoots ridiculously flat. By zeroing at 260 yards, I can hold dead on the center of a big dog and strike its vitals from 10 yards to 300 yards.” Take it from Ron – he’s a seasoned hunter of more than 40 years and a savvy student of ballistics. Much can be learned from him when it comes to hunting whitetails or predators. He’s been there – done that.

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