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Preparation for Slug Gun Hunts

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I grew up in Central Minnesota, where slug hunting was my family’s primary method of choice for deer season. It’s something I’ve become extremely comfortable with, and really enjoy. I have numerous slug hunts planned this fall, and actually have taken a different approach for sighting in my gun and preparing for the season. In my opinion, one of the most difficult aspects of slug hunting is having an exact understanding bullet drop at every possible distance you may shoot.

One way to become as proficient as possible at this is to shoot over and over at the bench and mark down your drop at all the distances you feel comfortable. Another way is after you’ve shot and spent the time at the range, go to the Winchester Ballistic App and enter in your bullet info. Then, if you like, print the ballistic information and tape it to your gun for a quick reference. It can also be very effective to check ballistics in a variety of weather conditions, and with whatever ammo/gun combination you may decide to use.

You can download the app right to your phone so it’s always accessible and available for both in the field and at the range.

turret for preparing for a slug hunt

The third way is to do it through your scope with a custom ballistic turret made specifically for you and your precise load by Swarovski. You simply give them all the information required (sight in distance, bullet info, etc.) and they will create a custom turret with every distance engraved in so you can dial it in right during the hunt.

It’s hard to complete with the knockdown power of a Winchester slug for anything from bear to whitetail. Now you can use that to your advantage without having to worry about drop while on your hunts. If you’d like a little more information about what makes a Winchester slug so incredible checkout the following video.

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  1. I bought a box of Winchester super x 1 oz slugs this season. opening morning I had a huge buck walk right to me at dawn. I sighted him in at 20 yrds squeezed the trigger and “click” the slug was a dud. I am very disappointed in Winchester, I thought their quality was higher than this. After this experience I will never use Winchester again.

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