Making Range Shooting More Fun

Melissa Bachman |

This summer when getting ready for my upcoming fall hunts, I decided to change things up a bit at the range and have a little fun! I did an entire day worth of shooting and had a blast…plus got in some valuable practice. You don’t have to shoot fruit to get in practice of course, but try and think outside the box a wee bit. Find things to make your time at the range more fun, and you will quickly notice the benefits. It could be having shooting competitions with your friends, getting crazy zombie targets, or in my instance shooting fruit in slow motion. Whatever you choose…the most important thing is the fact that you’re shooting your gun and getting in some valuable range time.

About Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman is an incredibly hardcore and intense hunter – perhaps one of the more passionate hunters you will ever meet.

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