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Lessons From A Master – Late Season Canada Goose Hunting

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Sean MannHe became 1985 and ’86 World Goose Calling Champion and 1994 World Goose Calling Champion of Champions. He also won the Mason-Dixon Regional Duck Calling Championship that same year. He’s a call-maker to this day, and professional guide who knows much about hunting Canada geese in the late season.

“Early in the season, big rigs are the rule. But from mid-December on, hunters must realize that Canada geese are beginning to pair bond. That is, young birds that have not yet selected a mate, or been selected as a mate, are on a hunt of their own – the hunt for their spouse. This requires different sets of tactics to be sure. So rather than putting out the monster spread of the early season, try setting your decoys up in a smaller, very relaxed set. Instead of 12 dozen decoys, try three to five dozen, and put them two to three times farther from each other than in the early season, and in a completely random “non-pattern”.”

Canada geeseExceptionally savvy and time-tested advice – how about late-season calling, Sean? “Let geese start the dance – if birds set their wings, give them silence and a little flag. If they began to circle go with same thing, as long as the circles get smaller. If a circle was bigger than the last, try a little from the call using clucks or mutter-moans with a touch of flag. Using these techniques, I have found that results are late-season birds all the way down and into the decoys – and ultimately in the bag.

Be sure to check out Sean and his calls on The master leaves you with one parting shot: “Clucks and mutter moans are my late season crutch now, and they will not leave my bag of tricks….ever.” Give them a try on your next outing for Canada’s and be certain to add a box of Blind Side in BB load – the combination of Sean’s expertise and the finest waterfowling load on the market will put birds on the deck, and bring limits to the blind.

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